Sunday, July 18, 2010

Writing to MSMQ

I was recently trying to write a message to MSMQ on a remote server. I knew there were two steps but I didn't realize there was a third.

1. Modify the Queue name to the correct format
2. On the MSMQ queue give write access to the account you are running under
3. Install MSMQ on the source server

MSMQ name
The MSMQ format name is a particular structure you need to get right - including the case:

Write Access
If your code was running as a web service as mine was, then the App Pool identity must be a domain account and that account needs to have write access to the MSMQ on the target server.

Install MSMQ locally
I hadn't relaized this. You must install MSMQ in the local server where the code is running. The reason is that it logs messages in an Outbound Queue. This is what you would need if you were running in an off-line situation and then wanted the messages forwarded when you were on-line. I did not relaize that it would also do this even with a permanently connected enviroment. So install MSMQ locally and life will be good.

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